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Perfect Gift Idea

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea? We’ve all scratched are heads and wondered, “What should I get them”?  Well, when someone is difficult to shop for and has all of life’s necessities, maybe they just need a good laugh. Firstly, Send photos, provide details, and Voila… the perfect gift idea! Now, let’s look at some common celebrations that are the perfect opportunity to order a custom caricature.

Perfect Gift Idea For Retirement

Your boss/colleague is finally passing off the baton and you want to bid them a proper farewell. Caricatures are completely customizable, so that list of their interests and hobbies you have in your mind won’t go to waste with this perfect gift idea. **ORDER NOW**

Perfect Gift Idea For Birthdays

Custom caricatures can be as simple or complex as you’d like. For example, maybe you’d like to add a birthday cake, milestone birthday or other details. Caricatures are the perfect gift idea for anyones birthday. **ORDER NOW**

Perfect Gift Idea For Weddings

Wedding Caricature Gift For A St. Louis Couple

If the bride and groom haven’t already booked an artist for their wedding, we’d love for you to drop a hint towards our event services. (Wedding Ideas). Most of our wedding gift clients send us engagement photos for reference, and quite a few select a fun theme like this one. So, The newlyweds will love their personalized gift!  **ORDER NOW**

Perfect Gift Idea For Christmas

A Patient's Gift Caricature For His Doctors In St. LouisA Patient’s Gift To His Doctors in St. Louis The winter holidays are a busy time for gift caricatures. Dog caricatures, family caricatures and Christmas card caricature designs are ever popular. Does your gift recipient has a favorite photo or memory that you’d like to highlight? The sky’s the limit! **ORDER NOW**

Surprise Proposals

Surprise Engagement Proposal Caricature In Kansas City - Bax Illustration

Surprise proposals with caricatures are by far our favorite projects to work on. Firstly, this involves creating the custom caricature and a lot of coordination to create the surprise. So, if you are planning on popping the question to your loved one, this is a fantastic way to do it. For example, imagine that you’re out for a walk and stumble upon a “starving artist” who wants 5 minutes of your time to develop his portfolio. Boom! Your soon to be fiancé will adore this! **Learn More**

Employee Of The Month Gifts

Caricatures are a great gift idea for the sales whiz. You know, that go-getter in your office that drives business and positive attitudes into the workplace. For example, some clients take a soft approach by requesting a traditional caricature with a nice note about a job well done. Additionally, some requests are less traditional, like this one. Yes, this really was an employee of the month gift! **ORDER NOW**

Anniversary Gifts

St. Louis Couples Anniversary Caricature

Caricatures make great anniversary gifts because seasoned couples don’t want practical gifts. In fact, they want something fun or thoughtful. What kind of theme would they appreciate? What about their destination wedding, their first date, or something more traditional? If you can think it, the Bax Illustration team can draw it! **ORDER NOW**

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