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About Us

You First

Before boasting about Bax Illustration, let’s take a look at why you are here. Do you have a goal in mind for your event or questions that need answers. We prioritize the discovery process over booking events. Getting to know our clients and their guests helps us to be better entertainers and nail your event.

The Bax Illustration Team

Brian Bax , A Caricature artist in St. Louis

Brian Bax

Owner - St. Louis Caricature Artist

Brian started drawing caricatures in 2006 while working at Six Flag in St. Louis, MO. The booth was owned by Tom Richmond who is an illustrator for Mad Magazine. Brian found that standards for quality and organization were lacking among entertainment agencies. Because of this, he had a goal in mind to create a uniformly talented group of caricature artists. In addition, he wanted to simplify the process for event planners nationwide.

Amanda Mathenia doing caricatures in St. Louis with Bax Illustration

Amanda J. Mathenia

Event Manager - St. Louis Caricature Artist

Amanda started drawing caricatures in 2006 at Six Flags in St. Louis, MO. She boasts that nearly 10,000 of her caricatures are now stuffed in closets and basements all over the country. Amanda holds a BFA, MA and MFA degree in fine arts. Additionally, she taught at the university level. Furthermore, her artwork has been exhibitied on 6 continents. Her extensive experience in client relations and project management make her the perfect person to assist you with your next event. She joined the Bax Illustration team in 2015.

Ryan Roe doing caricatures in St. Louis with Bax Illustration

Ryan Roe

Lead Gift Artist/St. Louis Caricature Artist

Ryan Roe started drawing caricatures in 1999 after studying graphic design at UMSL. He managed two caricature booths for Richmond Illustration at Six Flags in St. Louis until 2013. Ryan is well known for developing artists. Additionally, he is known for his live caricatures gift illustrations and joined the Bax Illustration team in 2015.

Our Clients

We are so grateful to be able to provide our caricature services to our clients. For instance, we work with a variety of schools, small businesses, corporations and individuals. Here is a small list of some of our corporate clients.

Caricature Clients of Bax Illustration in St. Louis & Kansas City