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Digital Caricature Giveaway

How To Enter Digital Caricature Giveaway

Thanks for your interest in our weekly Digital Caricature Giveaway! Please fill out the form below and follow our INSTAGRAM page. This contest is for single entries only. If you submit a group photo and win, one individual from the group will be selected for the drawing. Additionally, see weekly winners listed below the form.

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Weekly Digital Caricature Winners

Week 1 Winner

Photo of digital caricature by Bax Illustration, won by Terrell Vernor

Terrell Vernor - @TerrellLewisVernor


Week 2 Winner

Caricature of Abby Louise by Bax Illustration from the Weekly Digital Caricature Giveaway

Abby Louise - @imabbylouise


Week 3 Winner

Caricature of Abby Nelson , week 3 winner of the Bax Illustration Caricature Giveaway

Abby Nelson - 


Photo of Abby Nelson

Week 4 Winner

Digital Caricature of Jennifer Coulter from the Bax Illustration Digital Caricature Giveaway in St. Louis

Jennifer Coulter -