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What We Do

Caricature Services

The Bax Illustration team specializes in caricature services for all occasions. Whether you're planning a wedding, convention, proposal, or just need a great gift, our team is ready to rock! Check out a list of our services below.

Mom and daughter holding caricature from Bax Illustration in St. Louis

Traditional Caricatures

Traditional caricatures are hand-drawn and most commonly done in B&W. Our caricaturists draw approximately 17-20 people per hour per artist. Additionally, each drawing is wrapped in a tube bag to ensure a safe trip home.

Sample of Digital Caricature from Bax Illustration

Digital Caricatures

Digital Caricatures are hand-drawn on tablets and displayed on large screens. After that, they are printed and even worn in lanyards. Additionally, your company logo can be featured on the drawing.

Wonder Woman and captain America caricature theme from Bax Illustration

Gift Caricatures

Gift caricatures are truly unique and can be personalized with a theme. For starters, you send us photos so we can draw your caricature. After that, we send you a digital copy so you can share it. 

Caricature of man proposing to his girlfriend with caricature

Surprise Proposals

Surprise proposals require a lot of coordination. Additionally, a good proposal caricature takes time to draw. Because of this, we draw them ahead of time to make sure everything goes smoothly. Suprise proposals are one of our favorite caricature services.

Caricature of couple turned into Snapchat filter

Wedding Geos ©

Wedding Snapchat filters have never been so cool. Put the generic filters aside and make way for an illustration of the newlyweds. Your guests will love this!