Caricature Artists For Weddings + 3 Unique Wedding Ideas Using Caricatures

Creativity sparks in every bride-to-be when it comes time to plan her wedding. She wants to impress her friends, family and make her big day even more special. Here are some great ways to incorporate caricatures into your wedding plans, rehearsal dinner and reception.


Wedding Caricature Poster – Guestbook Ideas

Wedding Caricature Guestbook by Bax Illustration
Wedding Caricature Guest Book Ideas

A lot of couples choose the traditional route and utilize a custom guestbook. I recently drew caricatures at a Fall themed wedding. The couple had little pumpkin shaped chips that the guests could sign. A cutout on the back of the framed allowed them to be dropped into the frame. My favorite of course is the caricature sign in board. A couple can send us photos, choose a wedding theme (or request a custom theme) and we draw. Print it and add a mat for your wedding guests signatures. Order A Wedding Caricature

Wedding Snapchat Filter With Caricature

Wedding Caricature Snapchat Filters By Bax Illustration
Custom Wedding Snapchat Filters – Caricatures

Snapchatters are crazy about custom wedding filters. Unfortunately, couples search high and low and only find generic filters, or poor excuses for “illustrated” designs. We found the same result when doing our research. We realized that nobody had taken the time blend quality wedding caricatures with Snapchat. Well, fret not…we did it! With a selection of wedding themes, your wedding guests will have a blast. It’s easy… upload pics, choose a theme and enjoy your wedding filter! 


Wedding Save The Dates With Caricature

Wedding Caricature Save The Dates By Bax Illustration
Wedding Save The Dates – Custom Wedding Caricatures

Save the dates are a part of every wedding. A lot of couples use their engagement photos, or an online standardized template. If you really want to impress your guests, consider having a custom caricature from photos. We can help you design the save the dates in a variety of ways, or we can just provide the digital caricature file and you can design them. They all start with a great caricature that looks like you! Order



Wedding Entertainment With Caricatures

Live Caricaturists in St. Louis, MO - Bax Illustration
Bride and Groom enjoying a wedding caricature in St. Louis, with Bax Illustration

Looking for wedding entertainment ideas that will wow your guests? Couples everywhere are looking for photo booth alternatives. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there done that. Caricature artists at weddings provide quality entertainment and give your guests a perfect keepsake to remember your special day. They’re a great entertainment option for rehearsal dinners, too. With customizable packages for all wedding sizes, caricatures are affordable and truly unique. Get A Quote Here.


We love quality wedding inspiration! If you enjoyed these wedding ideas, please let us know and comment below!

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