The Key To Driving QUALITY Traffic To Your Convention Booth

So, you’ve reserved a space at the upcoming show. You want to make a lasting impression with your guests and an even larger statement to your competitors.  You’re probably working on booth design, staffing and stocking up on branded marketing keepsakes. Pens, stress balls, phone wallets and pop sockets are great, but will they drive traffic or end up in a gloomy desk drawer? Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a digital caricature artist at your trade show booth.

Eye Catching Attraction

Digital Caricatures in St. Louis with Bax Illustration
Crowd ejoying Digital Caricatures by Bax Illustration in St. Louis

Everyone enjoys watching a talented artist at work, but even more on a digital platform. Illustrations that are typically done behind studio doors are now at your booth. Visible from across the room, large display monitors provide a real time view of the drawings being created by your Bax Illustration artist.  Attendees won’t be able to resist the opportunity to get a free digital caricature. Get A Quote Now



Branding That Keeps Working

Digital Caricature in St. Louis with Lanyards and digital share files for social media
Example of Digital Caricature in Lanyard (left) and Digital Caricature File on Cell Phone (Right)

Now that your guest have a printed copy of their caricature (with your logo on it), they will proudly display it in a lanyard for all to see. Don’t forget to send them a digital copy in your thank you email. Your logo and their caricature will look sharp on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms for thousands of people to interact with. This type of branding doesn’t quit working for your company. Get A Quote Now



Time To Engage With Guests

Bax Illustration Digital Caricatures St. Louis
A Bax Illustration Digital Caricature Artist in St. Louis performing at a trade show

A relaxed atmosphere is conducive to building rapport, generating leads and converting sales. Aside from the benefits of entertainment and branding, digital caricaturists keep your guests engaged so your team has time to properly deliver your message. This sure beats the idea of being cornered by a “sales guy” and hearing their well rehearsed pitch. In just a few minutes, your guests leave your booth happy, entertained and well informed of the value of your company’s products and services. Get A Quote Now



Be on the lookout for more from Bax Illustration. Top rated Caricature Artists!

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